Akshay-KothariEmbroidered shirts inspire loyalty among employees and can make your business grow. Here's one example that shows how branding can make a huge difference.

Akshay Kothari started Pulse, a popular newsreader for the Web and smartphones, on a tiny budget when he was still a student at Stanford University in 2010. By utilizing mismatched office chairs and buying only discounted pizzas for events to build teamwork among his handful of employees, money was saved to invest back into the fledgling business. But one thing Kothari wishes he had invested in from the start is company shirts.Pulse-App

When Kothari finally invested in company-branded apparel, featuring Pulse's bright blue logo on a black background, he found that wearing his company's logo always sparks conversation about his business. He adds that after one such conversation, he acquired an intern who actually improved his company's app design and performance. 

According to Kothari, your business' brand should be extended to its actual working space as well as events and apparel. If your brand is easily identifiable, it will lead to more recognition from customers as well as potential employees.

Pulse-TeamWearing shirts with company logos instills camaraderie among members of your team. "It brings people together to continue marching towards their mission," Kothari says.

The social networking site LinkedIn acquired Pulse in a transaction valued at $90 million in 2013. Could branding have played a part in the acquisition? It is very possible. Kothari says he still wears Pulse apparel, with "a LinkedIn T-shirt underneath."

Pulse-LinkedinClick here to read Kothari's article on the importance of company apparel.

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