Jacket-embroidery-for-CA-bearWe get many calls for rush orders at EmbroidMe San Diego, and of course we always try to oblige. When the phone rang last week asking if we could embroider on a jacket and have it done the following day, we knew we wanted to do all that we could to help based on the urgency in the caller’s voice.

As we asked about the work that needed to be done to see if we could accommodate the design on such a short timeline, we found the job was anything but typical. The jacket, the caller explained, was actually a suit coat for a bear going to the Oscars.

Of course, we were determined to take on the challenge, even on the short timeline.  After all, who says no to a bear?

The bear, a brown bear from the California state flag, as it turns out happens to a be the spokes model for Energy Upgrade California®, a state initiative to help Californians reduce their impact on energy demands. He would be attending the Oscars to help boost energy awareness and promote energy conservation.

Not your typical embroidered jacket

Embroidering a logo on a bear’s jacket (who happens to be a 58L if you are wondering) is a little bit more than your average job. The logo needed to be much larger than is typical, and the timetable gave us no room for experimentation with design or sizing.

embroidery-for-jacketWe love a challenge though, so our programmers immediately went to work and overnight developed the machine instructions necessary to reproduce the logo in stitches. By morning, the jacket embroidery was completed with plenty of time to spare. Check out the video here.

I guess, the next best thing to actually going to the Oscars is hobnobbing with a bear that IS!


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