custom embroidered capsWhen is your next company event? If it’s fairly soon, your marketing department is likely considering promotional giveaways for client and employee attendees. Consider kicking it up a notch by giving away custom embroidered baseball caps. A free baseball cap is a pleasant and welcome surprise for anyone – especially on a warm day in sunny San Diego.

The great thing about baseball caps is that they are everyday wear -- and just about everyone wears them, men and women alike. Baseball caps are one of the few apparel giveaways that are “one-size-fits-all” – so no issues with having to swap out sizes for recipients to get the right fit. And best of all, good quality custom embroidered baseball caps will be worn for years -  putting your company logo out there front and center for all to see. This is “viral marketing” at its best!

What Colors Work Best for Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps?

Baseball cap color should always complement the company logo in some way, but ideally also be neutral enough to wear with anything. Considering these details will maximize after-event wear. After all, the more times your cap is worn, the more value you receive from your promotional advertising investment. Think of is this way…trendy cap colors like hot pink or lime green may make a big splash on the day of the event, but if you’re trying to achieve staying power, those crazy colors may not be the best investment. Unless you’ve got a target audience that’s into neon, after the big day, your giveaway will likely sit in a closet and eventually be given to Goodwill. For longevity and repeat wear, it’s generally better to go with a more popular color, or something neutral that goes with everything, such as white, tan, or grey. Black & navy are by far the most popular cap colors here in San Diego.

Baseball Cap Styles & Choices

Believe it or not, there are quite a few styles to choose from when ordering caps for an event. Generally, the type and size of the event, and the target demographic will determine the budget cost and style of cap that’s best for you.

Full Cap or Visor -  Usually the logo is embroidered on the front center of the custom embroidered baseball cap or visor rise, so either style works as far as branding the company. But regular caps have a lot more space on the front than visors, so if you have a large or tall logo, visors may not be a viable option. Visors work well with text-only logos, and are favored for golf and other sporting events.

Stretch Fit or Adjustable – People’s heads come in many different sizes so for bulk giveaways you’ll generally be better off ordering a one-size-fits-most adjustable cap to minimize attendee disappointment. Stretch-to-fit caps (like the Flexfit brand) usually come in two sizes, and if you order those, Murphy’s law says you’ll run out of one size or the other. Another consideration is that adjustable caps are much more affordable than stretch-to-fit (Flexfit) styles, and therefore are probably the better choice for most event giveaways. However if you have a youthful male demographic, and your event is well targeted, then it might make sense to invest in stretch fit caps, since those tend to be highly favored by that particular group.

Structured or Unstructured –  Some baseball caps have a high, stiff front, while others are floppier and fit more closely to the head. This has nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with style.

How do you think a custom embroidered baseball cap “should” fit? Often, the choice of structured vs unstructured style comes down to the personal preference of the purchaser, as both styles can be embroidered with ease.  However, if you have a very large logo, or one with a lot of fine detail, custom embroidery results will be better on a structured cap, due to the extra stability provided by the front reinforcement.

Shop online at EmbroidMe San Diego for baseball caps that can be custom embroidered with your company logo. Have questions or concerns? Stop by our showroom on Balboa Avenue to try on samples. You can also request a quote or call or email to discuss in more detail.