Company shirtsYou've no doubt heard about the importance of branding as a business strategy. Your brand is the ethos of your company; it's the spirit customers associate with your name, logo, message, and, of course, products and services. Google is a great example of a company that's built a brand with a distinctive spirit and personality. Your company can do the same, regardless of size. Even (especially!) small companies need to brand themselves, and company shirts are a great place to start. 

Keep in mind that branding transcends physical things like products and services, and encompasses intangibles to communicate your company's spirit and personality. Reasons you want to brand include these three key points:

A brand builds recognition - Customers will associate your company with high-quality products and services, assuming that high quality is what you provide. If you want to be known as the low-cost leader, or the discount king, then brand for that.

Branding helps you stand out from the crowd - The visual elements of your brand (colors, fonts, logos) help distinguish you from the competition, and also are highly effective in improving recall of your company name. Branding helps customers remember to specifically seek out your company. (When you have a cut, for instance, do you ask for a Band-Aid or a bandage?)

Your brand is a promise -  A brand represents an authority customers feel they can trust. Company shirts provide your customers with a more consistent experience when interacting with your staff, and provide an implied promise that your level of service will be consistent each time they interact with your company. Branding helps customers feel they can count on you to deliver on your promises!

Embroidered company shirtsAs you can see, it's important for customers to create a positive connection with your brand, and one of the first steps to spreading your brand is physical marketing. So, what better way to create a positive connection between your customer and your brand than by having your people wear your company shirts?

When your employees interact with customers while wearing company shirts, they spread your brand by building positive, personal associations. Each employee embodies the values of your company, and each customer leaves remembering how your brand met their unique needs.

Now, let us help you meet your needs. Whether your company branding calls for playful screenprinted tshirts in trendy fabrics and a youthful silhouette, or classic business-casual polo shirts, we've got all the options you need. Contact us to start building your brand with custom company shirts today.