EmbroidMe-in-San-DiegoWe love our new tagline (Cool Stuff Customized. Awesome Results.) But sometimes it leaves people wondering what exactly we do. Today's blog post is meant to shed a little light on this burning question: what can EmbroidMe in San Diego do for your local business?

Essentially, we see our job as 'helping your business get noticed.' Which is why 'Get Noticed' was our original tagline, back in the day. However, when in business, it's not quite enough for your organization to just be noticed, you also want to be remembered. And that's what we're here for. In a nutshell, EmbroidMe provides cool, awesome products used to brand your organization, build customer loyalty, motivate employees, and incentivize sales.

What kinds of things can you do? Here are a few scenarios:

  • EmbroidMe-productsImagine your company is at a convention. People are walking by your booth without stopping. What are you missing? Do you have an appealing gift to entice people in for a conversation? Even something as simple as a package of cookies with your logo? Are you wearing appropriate business attire with your logo? Is your logo incorporated into an engaging booth or table display? EmbroidMe can help with all of that. Customize how San Diego sees you. Give people something to remember you by.
  • Your office has a sports team. How do you show your unity? Team shirts. Have fun with it. Find a theme (we recently did a "Top Gun" theme - my favorite so far.) All kinds of price ranges can be accommodated - everything from basic t-shirts to major league replica uniforms.
  • An employee is leaving the office. They have done an excellent job and you want to show your appreciation. You don't want just anything. You want something that will remind them of the wonderful time they had working for a wonderful company, such as yours. Choose from any of our well designed photo products to show you truly care about their service.
  • It is the largest fundraiser of the year! Want people to remember the wonderful time they had at your event - and get them looking forward to next year? Provide a special gift for them to take home. Put your cause out there! The more people see it, the more they are able to relate to it. Promote your cause to the world, one person, one product at a time. Coffee mugs, candles, memo holders, and lapel pins can all be incorporated quite nicely into a banquet tablesetting.
Check out our video to find out more!

At EmbroidMe in San Diego, we see ourselves as your promotional marketing partner. We want to understand your goals and constraints, so that we can best serve you with recommendations for the right products, consistent with your strategy and needs. With over 800,000 products available, sorting through all the options is no small task. We're here to help. Contact us today, to if you're ready to get started!