Coffee slinging is a messy business. Coffee, milk, and syrups all have a tendency to spill, especially during those early-morning rush hours. If you own a coffee shop, you have been in the thick of the morning-coffee mess, and you know it's not pretty.

custom-embroidered-apronThough it won't eliminate your staff's need to mop and clean countertops, there is a solution for keeping your baristas looking spick-and-span even when things get a little busier than normal. This solution is quite simple, and has been used for ages, and it works just as well now as ever.

The solution is aprons. They are inexpensive, they protect your employees' clothing, and they can be changed quickly and easily in case of a big spill, leaving your staff looking good as new all the time.
Even better than a set of matching aprons, custom embroidered aprons can give your staff that professional look every manager longs for. When your employees are wearing an apron adorned with your company's logo, your customers know who they can turn to for help. Additionally, aprons give the same, pulled-together look—and even a sense of community—that other uniforms might give without having to set a strict dress code or take away the originality of your employees.

aprons-with-company-logos-for-baristasIf you are ready to pull your barista staff together using custom aprons, please contact us today at EmbroidMe San Diego. We would be happy to help you find the perfect set of aprons for your business, and add high-quality embroidery in the design and colors of your choice.