If you are a dance studio owner, you probably already know the importance of a good dance bag. A quality dance bag is necessary, and an accessory that a dancer is rarely seen without. Therefore, it is imperative that every dancer invest in a bag that works well and looks fabulous.

Here at EmbroidMe San Diego, we offer quality bags and custom embroidery to make those bags look amazing. We believe our bags are the perfect product for dance studios to sell to students for a variety of reasons.

So why should your studio consider our bags? We'll tell you:

Quality Means Durability

As mentioned above, our bags are high-quality. This means that every bag we sell is durable and made to last. For dancers who are lugging several pair of shoes around multiple times a week, this is incredibly important.

Embroidery Holds Up Well

Let's face it, dance bags see a lot of abuse. They get tossed in the backs of cars, shoved into lockers or cubbies, and toted all over town for performances and events. Fortunately, embroidery holds up quite well to this abuse, and won't begin to peel or crack the way other types of adornment typically do.


Custom Bags Look Professional

We all want our studio to look presentable when we head out to competitions and workshops. Custom-embroidered bags help you create a professional appearance for your school by showing that you are an organized and well-put-together team.

If you'd like to learn more about EmbroidMe San Diego and our wonderful custom bag options, please contact us today! We also offer embroidered jackets for dance teams...and t-shirts...and headbands. Let us know what you need - we'll be here for you.