custom-embriodered-hatsHats off to our custom embroidered hats!

Our cheer may be a bit redundant (and it doesn't rhyme) but it's heartfelt. Why?

From the boardroom to the back nine, hats work your brand. And boost morale. And ballyhoo accomplishments. In the past few months, our clients have ordered hats for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Support for Athletic Booster Programs
  • New product launches
  • Keeping 401K enrollment periods "top" of mind
  • Safety initiatives
  • Sales contests

And while custom embroidered hats work as well for non-profit organizations as they do for for-profit companies, we'd like to point out an important point our corporate clients often consider in choosing whether their promotions will feature a hat, or say, a t-shirt, custom-printed towel, or other item:

Hats can buck the dress code.

Hats Are a Top Visibility Item

top-choice-embroidered-hatsIf your company has a buttoned-down demeanor, handing out t-shirts is sort of ... confusing. Can you wear it to the office? How about on casual Friday? Hm. Those t-shirts just might end up being worn only when your recipients are mowing the lawn, or walking the dog.

A hat, on the other hand (or more appropriately, on the head) is likely to offer better visibility. It can add a sporty touch to a well-ironed outfit, sit jauntily on a desk or cabinet top, even rep your brand while hanging on a coat rack.

And when it comes to custom embroidered hats, we're not limited to the familiar baseball style. All of our hats are high-quality, long-wearing types. And you have options, including branded visors, sun, bucket, and outback full-brim hats, providing excellent sun protection, as well as fleece and beanie styles.

To learn more about how high quality custom embroidered hats can give your company the top-notch visibility you want, contact us.