The anxious countdown of students all over the country tells us one thing, and that is that summer is almost upon us. Of course summer is an incredible season with lots of fun recreational activities to enjoy, but if you have employees who work outdoors, summer can also be a difficult season filled with too much heat and the potential for sunburns.

Unfortunately, even though you may be very concerned about your employee's health and their exposure to harmful UV rays that can cause skin problems in the future, you can't really force them to wear sunscreen. One thing you can do to protect them from some unnecessary sun exposure is to make custom embroidered hats part of the work uniform.

If your employees will be exposed to the sun during the course of their typical work day, consider having hats embroidered with your company logo. The custom embroidered hats will make your employees look professional and they will serve the added benefit of shading their face and covering their head, because hair does not provide as much sun protection as most people think, and melanomas found on the scalp are some of the most dangerous melanomas because they are often discovered later.

More information on embroidered hats in the video below!

You don't have to be a large company to have professional looking uniforms including custom hats. If you're in San Diego we would love to talk to you about your embroider needs whether it is hats, shirts or promotional products. Please contact us to find out why companies all over San Diego love what we do.