It is practically a given that if you attend a university or college, you'll buy a sweatshirt with the name on it. College towns are full of students sporting customized sweatshirts. Why sweatshirts, though? And can non-profits use them, too?

custom-embroidered-sweatshirtThe answer to 'why sweatshirts' is easy. Sweatshirts, especially hoodies and zippered sweatshirts, are an essential item in everyone's closet. Sweatshirts are worn everywhere whenever the weather is even slightly nippy. They are ubiquitous at work and at play. That means that your screenprinted or embroidered logo will go everywhere and be seen by everyone most of the year. Nothing covers your logo either, since you wear sweatshirts over any shirt you might have on.

Of course, universities and colleges sell custom embroidered or screenprinted sweatshirts because it appeals to their natural demographic: young adults getting an education. Sweatshirts appeal to all demographics, though. Everyone needs a nice, warm covering and everyone loves the relaxed feeling of a sweatshirt. A non-profit trying to raise funds for their cause will find them an easy sell.

They are also natural prizes or participation awards at events. Just think how grateful a volunteer will be when they show up in the wee hours in the morning to help with the fun-run and they get a sweatshirt to put on against the cold of the morning. It is certainly more tangible and long-lasting than the coffee and donuts on offer. They are easier to transport than the coffee, too.

non-profit-marketing-with-sweatersEven more valuable than a participant's warmth will be the story that goes with it, as people will ask participants in your fundraiser where they got the sweatshirt. The volunteer will then get to explain how they earned it. This will keep your cause part of the conversation long after the event is over.

Sweatshirts make excellent identifiers as well. If you are somewhere chilly, participants in events will keep sweatshirts on over shirts, so your logo will be covered up if it isn't on the sweatshirt. With that layer covered, your volunteers will be easily followed.

If you're looking for some new logo gear to offer your members, custom sweatshirts can be your solution. If you want more information, please contact us.