embroidered-patches-for-employee-motivationEveryone likes to be recognized for their effort. This makes the act of thanking employees for their hard work a very important one. However, all too often employers are stumped when it comes to finding ways to carry out this task.

If you are one of those employers who is on the lookout for ways to recognize your staff members, you might consider investing in custom embroidered patches. Because these patches can be displayed in a variety of ways, they are the perfect way to allow your proud employees to show off their achievements, while simultaneously giving them something more to work towards.

Custom patches can be made to recognize a variety of achievements, meaning you can pick and choose which tasks and milestones you'd like to reward your staff for. Because the patches are custom-made for your business, creating patches that reflect the achievements they reward is easy. Additionally, it means that your employees can build up a collection of different patches instead of stopping at only one or gathering a large number of identical patches.

custom-embroidered-patchAs you can see, creating custom embroidered patches and using them in a company-wide collection game is a great way to reward the best members of your staff and give others something to work toward. Keep in mind that patches are typically created in minimum batches of 50 pieces, so you'd need to design a patch reward program in which it is reasonable to use something like 50 patches of each design within a reasonable period of time. If you're a smaller business that only has a handful of employees, don't despair. The same approach can apply -- but instead of having patches made, you'd have the recognition embroidered directly on employee garments (there are no minimums to worry about for these types of projects).

If you are ready to order your own set of patches for employee recognition, we are here to help. Here at EmbroidMe San Diego, we offer high-quality products at an affordable price point, something we know you will love. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and create the ideal product for you and your business.

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