Going on a mission trip is one of the most exciting and enlightening experiences anyone can embark on. Leaving your comfort zone, learning new skills, and doing something that really matters are important parts of your spiritual life, but none of that can happen without a lot of planning ahead of time. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of planning, organizing, and running a successful mission trip is keeping everyone together and bringing them back together after splitting up into smaller teams. The more crowded your airports, bus stations, and local streets are along the way, the harder it is to keep track of your group.

Keeping Track of Your Mission Trip Members

The further you take your mission trip from home, whether you're going across the state or across the world, the more important it is to make sure that no one gets lost or separated in a place they're unfamiliar with. This is especially important for youth group mission trips no matter what distance you travel. You can use a variety of tools and technologies to track group members but the best approach is good old-fashioned line-of-sight. If you can see every member of your group, you can regather them easily.

How do you keep track of everyone even in a bustling crowd? The key is to make every member of your group visually distinctive and easy to identify as one of your teammates. 

mission trip custom embroidered shirts hats

Bright Custom Embroidered Shirts

Mission trip groups have been figuring out how to stay together during travel for decades, likely much longer, and distinctively colored matching clothing has always been one of the best ways to quickly visually identify every member of the group and fetch them from wherever they might have wandered off to. Rather than trying to wear all the same color and winding up with eighteen different shades of 'bright blue' that will still blend with the crowd, your best approach is to get your trip group a set of matching custom shirts.

If your mission trip has a logo, title, theme, or mission statement that you've been using throughout the planning and fundraising phases, this is the perfect opportunity to keep on running with your theme by emblazoning it on your shirts. If you don't have a logo or a few important words assigned to your trip, go with the name of the church or work together as a group to design the shirts you all want to wear. By choosing a solid-color shirt with a modest embroidered image, you can all travel as a matching group while remaining semi-formal and respectful of the people you meet and your hosts at the trip destination.

Matching Travel Hats

When on a mission trip, there will be a lot of instances where hats should be removed. In sister churches, visiting host families, and showing respect for the things that matter to others. However, when you're walking together outside, moving through a busy airport, or taking a crowded bus, nothing makes it easier to identify each other like distinctive and matching hats. Brightly colored hats can allow you to identify stray members of the flock even in very tightly packed situations where shirts can be hard to spot.

If your mission is taking place outside, like building houses or digging wells, baseball caps, bucket hats or even stylish wide-brimmed hats to keep the sun off. If you're going somewhere cold, it might be more appropriate to get a set of matching soft beanies instead to keep everyone's heads and ears warm while simultaneously making them much easier to spot. Hats can also be embroidered with the mission trip or church logo, bringing greater unity to the group and making them more identifiable.

Planning a successful mission trip is all about looking into the future and determining where you will need preparation before you depart. By planning to make everyone easy to spot in a crowd with custom matching shirts and/or hats, you can significantly reduce the hassle and worry of moving in a group through crowded environments. To discuss the right custom shirt options for your group or for more great ideas making your group distinctive in a busy airport, contact us today!