Bring Your Parents to Work Days are spreading, and you can make your event stand out by handing out some custom embroidered socks. However you do it, reaching out to parents is gaining ground as a smart recruiting and retention strategy.

custom-sockYou may have seen news stories about how Google and LinkedIn started their own Bring Your Parents to Work Day during the past year. LinkedIn is so committed to the idea that they’ve got a whole website for the program. You can find sample materials and suggestions for everything from the invitations to the agenda. They stress that you don’t really have to plan for a whole day. A few hours for a tour and conversation usually suffice.

The advantages of family involvement are clear. LinkedIn conducted a survey that found that 59% of parents want to know more about what their children do for work, and 50% said they could help their children more if they had a better understanding of their career. Supportive family members are likely to help workers be more satisfied and productive. Plus, an employee may feel more loyal if you do something nice for their mother or father like giving them a pair of cool socks.

custom-socks-for-GoogleOf course, there are many logo products you can choose, but socks are one good option. Until you know more about the parents of your employees, it may be difficult to know what they would like. On the other hand, almost everyone needs socks. Even if they wear sandals all year round, they can use them on long flights or cold mornings. Custom socks do have to be made in larger batches. Usually at least 48 pair is a minimum, and may be higher for some styles.

Logo socks will be one tangible reminder that parents can take away from the day, but don’t stop there. Keep building the relationship with communications targeted to parents like occasional emails about your organization and its activities.

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