Custom embroidery is useful in a wide variety of situations. For instance, many hotel and inn owners have found this option quite handy when it comes to personalizing items in their places of business.

From uniforms to towels, innkeepers have numerous options that can be customized with embroidery, and there are several benefits of doing so:

custom-embroidered-uniformsA Sense of Professionalism

Custom embroidery can pull a place of business together unlike anything else. Because embroidery is a very professional-looking branding option, it tends to bring things together in a cohesive yet classy way that customers are sure to appreciate.

Custom embroidery on the uniforms of employees shows that the company cares about the appearance of their staff, while embroidery on bedding and towels shows an attention to detail.

Increased Brand Awareness

Tacky, in-your-face branding just isn't a great look for hotels and other places of lodging. That's said, these companies do still want to use strong branding as a way to help their customers remember them in a positive light. Custom embroidery gives innkeepers the option to brand items throughout the property, without coming across as too bold, or breaking the bank.

Reduced Risk of Theft

custom-hotel-embroideryOften, the owners of hotels find that some customers suffer from a case of sticky fingers. After all, what's to keep them from packing up one of those nice, plush towels or pillows?

Customized items help discourage this act. Guests are less likely to steal an item if it is clearly labeled with a company name, as it is more difficult to hide the fact that it was taken from a hotel room.

If your hotel, motel, or B&B inn is in need of custom embroidery, please contact us today at EmbroidMe San Diego. We would be happy to help your business!