custom-embroiderd-dog-bandanaFor businesses that target dog lovers, doggie logo wear is the latest option for the marketer in search of a medium. After all, who does not enjoy a lovable canine in advertising? Think of Duke, the Golden Retriever that is famous for voicing, “Roll that beautiful bean footage.” Then there is Spuds MacKenzie, the bull terrier that helped to market Bud Light in the 1980s. Gidget is the Taco Bell Chihuahua of the 1990s.

Since dogs have already taken television commercials by storm, it was only a matter of time before they would sport the latest doggie wear complete with custom embroidery. In the past, this type of embroidery was usually reserved for people's polo shirts, work uniforms and t-shirts. Yet forward-thinking marketers are now seeing a variety of dog wear lines as a new canvas.

Bandanas. One of the easiest products to embroider is the bandana. A bandana that is a 50/50 mix featuring polyester and cotton, sized 15 inches tall and 30 inches wide is perfect for a medium sized dog. Additionally, it is an excellent accessory to give dogs in hot climates where other doggie wear such as shirts and coats is reserved for the colder fall and winter months. Marketers in sunny San Diego can give away this light fabric item all year round, and it always offers enough room to add a logo or design.

custom-logo-tshirt-for-dogSuitable for a variety of breeds. Doggie-sized hooded tees come in sizes that accommodate dogs weighing up to 45 pounds. A hemmed hood and ribbed binding offer elasticity for better fit. Your logo or design can advertise everything from a dog-grooming business to a small-business accountancy practice that uses the office dog as their mascot. Clever wording of the slogan plays off the fact that a dog is wearing the ad.

Great give-away product. Whether you are in business as a veterinarian, mobile dog groomer or pet shop owner, doggie wear is an unusual and therefore highly-desirable give-away item, door prize or loyalty reward. Offer the item as a reward for the fourth canine dental cleaning at your veterinary clinic or for having taxes done at your accountancy practice before April 15th.

Make customization a selling point. Hollister California is famous for employing the walking self-marketing technique. Wearers of the brand actually display its name on the front of shirts and other products. Use canine wear as a standard product line for your business, but add customized embroidery to the mix. Let customers and clients pay you to promote your brand.

It is clear that custom embroidered doggie wear is an advertising opportunity that is here to stay. Suitable for all climates and dog sizes, you easily get your message across while capitalizing on the cuteness factor of your canine companion – or the beloved pet dogs of others. EmbroidMe San Diego will gladly answer all of your embroidery and logo questions. Contact us today.