loved-one-getting-custom-embroideryIf you have a loved one that you have been caring for in your home, and you realize that they need more care than you can provide, the transition to letting someone else care for them in a skilled nursing facility or memory care center can be emotionally difficult.

You want to know that they will be getting excellent care from people who will engage with them personally. You want them to feel comfortable in a new environment and not confused or overwhelmed by the changes.

One small thing you can do to help ease the stress of these changes is to have custom embroidery added to their clothes.

Floved-one-with-custom-embroideryor example, when our friend Sandy had to move her grandpa to a nursing home she had "Pastor Dave" embroidered on all of his shirts.  It was a small thing, but it made a big difference. Especially, since he was suffering from memory loss, and he would not have been able to tell people what his name was or a little bit about himself.

Since his shirts were embroidered, everyone in the nursing home was able to call him by name, and they knew one small thing about him, that he was a pastor before he retired. This helped them engage with him more personally. She also liked knowing that his clothes would not be mistaken for another patient's clothes, but that it would be obvious which things belonged to him. It was a small investment that gave her a lot of peace of mind.

If you have the need a custom embroidery job in the San Diego area, please contact us, we would love to serve you.