halloween-promo-bagsOctober is here, and that means its time for ghosts, zombies, and plenty of Halloween fun. If you have a small business, you may be looking for great ways to promote your services during this spooky time while also adding to the excitement of the season.

One fantastic way to go about this is through the use of custom promotional treat-or-treat bags. Here are a few benefits to having custom printed treatbags or even just a handful of special embroidered Halloween-themed bags made for the holiday.

Walking Advertisement

Of course, the best thing about promotional products is the fact that they offer tons of long term advertising and are seen by lots of eyeballs. When you hand out promotional trick-or-treat bags, you can count on getting tons of free advertisement on Halloween night as well as any time the bag gets used throughout the rest of the year.

custom-company-bagPossible Sales

If you have a retail location that offers Halloween products for sale, a high quality attractive trick-or-treat bags will fly off the shelves this time of year. After all, every kid is going to need something to hold their candy, and if you are offering a durable and adorable solution, parents will be thrilled to pick one up. For this use, we recommend making the main focus a cute piece of Halloween themed art that kids will love, keeping your company name and logo less prominently toward the bottom of the bag.

Great Giveaway

In addition to being a great seasonal item, these bags also make perfect party prizes or giveaways. If you are organizing a Halloween party for your company, be sure to order plenty. The bags can be filled with treats and used as raffle prizes, handed out to lucky winners as game prizes, or simply give one to every kid (or adult!) that shows up in costume. Think about incorporating a promotional message (often safety related) into the artwork on the bag.

Are you ready to have some custom trick-or-treat bags made for your business? Please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego so we can help you get started.