Discover-Card-logo-to-be-used-on-funraiser-shirtsDiscover Card works hard to help out in the community. One way they do this is by donating thousands of dollars to multiple charities each year. Another thing they do is encourage their employees to participate in community and charitable events such as JDRF, Race for the Cure, and March of Dimes.March-of-Dimes-fundraiser-shirt

During a recent event for the March of Dimes, Discover Card outfitted their employees with custom shirts. All Discover Card employees who participated in the event were volunteers and gave their own free time to help support the cause.  Combined with the use of polos and the employees' good nature helped the brand gain favor among the attendees. All the employees were friendly, courteous, excited to be there, and went above and beyond to reach their donation goal. In fact, the company was one of the highest contributors that day.


The custom shirts at the event helped people to recognize the Discover Card brand as being helpful and activists within the community. It painted the brand in a good light and helped them to maintain a good relationship with other participants of the event. During the March of Dimes event, news crews and cameramen were there as well. By having custom designed polos, attendees and everyone that watched the news were able to see the company's good deed.

Having a good company image in the community is important to all businesses. One way to ensure that your logo is recognized is through the use of custom designed shirts and apparel.

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