As the owner of a restaurant, you want to give the best impression possible. From the taste and presentation of your food to the color of paint and pictures on your walls, you have probably put a lot of thought into making sure your customers are impressed with your establishment. Why, then, would you not put the same amount of thought into the clothing your employees wear?

If your waitstaff does not currently adhere to a dress code, it is high time you establish one. Additionally, if your dress code doesn't include custom polo shirts, you simply must consider adding them.
Here are just a few of the many reasons custom polo shirts are the perfect option for waiters and waitresses alike.

custom-polo-shirts-for-waitstaffComfortable Yet Professional

To begin with, custom polos are the perfect look. With a simple embroidered logo, your staff will be easy to identify, and the collared polo gives a casual yet professional feel. To make things even better, polo shirts are comfortable, meaning your staff will look great without sacrificing the comfort and range of motion needed to take good care of customers.

Easy to Clean

Let's face it, waiting tables is messy business. Clothing that doesn't clean easily is simply out of the question for those working with food. Fortunately, polo shirts are incredibly easy to clean, making stain removal at the end of a long day at work a breeze.

custom-polos-for-restaurant-employeesPeace of Mind

Finally, custom polos offer peace of mind to all involved. You can rest easy knowing your staff will look presentable while working, and your staff can relax knowing they will be meeting your expectations each day. Additionally, the custom polos can give your waitstaff some comfort in knowing they won't ruin their favorite personal shirt at work.

Prefer to clad your waitstaff in button down shirts, or maybe just provide a company-branded apron? We offer those items as well.

Of course, we've only touched on some of the reasons to consider ordering embroidered apparel for your waitstaff. If you'd like more info on available options or the pros and cons of different waitstaff uniforming options, contact us here at EmbroidMe San Diego to learn more.