custom-polo-shirts-for-businessTrying to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers' mind? One way businesses do that is through the use of company shirts. For example, polo shirts can be purchased in company colors and embroidered with your company's custom logo. Now everyone who sees you wearing your shirt recognizes the branding immediately. But custom polo shirts are good for more than just uniforms -- they have a variety of uses.

Custom Shirts Set Your Employees Apart

If you run a storefront or office location where customers physically interact with your employees, polo shirts may be the ideal uniform. They look presentable, are comfortable to wear, and make your employees easily distinguishable from the other people (customers) who are present in your public areas. This ensures that your customers can find an employee when they need assistance, giving them confidence in the level of customer service you can provide. Customers won't need to question wonder the person they are approaching works for you or not.

custom-polo-shirts-at-golf-tourneyGive Them Away

Golf tournaments are a popular way for businesses to raise money, as well as build awareness. If your business hosts theses events, giving away custom polo shirts can be a great option. Typically, everyone who signs up for the tourney receives a polo shirt, which of course you will want to be sure is embroidered with your company logo. Participants can wear the shirts as their event uniform but will also continue to wear them afterwards. Every time someone wears the shirt, it brings more recognition to your company and reminds the individual of the event.

Count on Your Employees

employees-wearing-custom-polo-shirtsIf you hand out polo shirts to your employees, chances are they will wear them for more than just work. When employees wear their polo shirt after work or on their days off as they go about errands or leisure activities, they will be spreading the word about your business. Custom polo shirts can be an excellent conversation starter, potentially bringing more business to your company. People like to deal with a company they know and feel they can trust. If your employees, their friends and family members are wearing your shirts and have good things to say about your company, it can bring more business your way.

If you are looking for the the best type of custom polo shirts for your business, contact us. We carry a wide selection of polo shirts at all price points, and can help you find the best look, fit and value based on your timetable, needs, and budget. Here's some more info about one of our favorite shirt styles for active workers: