thanksgiving-giftIf you were planning to send your clients custom promotional products for Thanksgiving this year, we've got some bad news:

You're too late.

Timing is everything in marketing promotions, and we're pretty sure this isn't news to you. Please, don't put your fist through the screen in anger. Even though it's too late to order promotional products for Thanksgiving this year, we do have some good news!

Maybe It Wasn't Such a Great Idea, After All

Sure, you love your customers and Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to remind them with logo'd cookies or coffee mugs. But, is it the best time? Custom promotional products aren't cheap, and the point in giving them to your clients is to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Work with us and we can show you how to do that any time! ;)

promotional-productYour Business Can Stand Out Anytime

The key to using custom gift items as tokens of appreciation for your customers is to tie the promotional item to a significant event in your relationship.

San Diego area businesses who have been successful with custom promotional items have timed the product distributions to highlight events such as:

  • Your company's founding date - sends the message: "Thank you for helping us grow!"
  • Your customer's founding date - sends the message: "Happy Birthday, and thank you for your business."
  • Recognition from another local organization - for example: "Congratulations on being named to San Diego Business Journal's 100 Fastest Growing Companies list!"

valentine's-day-promo-productPromotional Products for Valentine's or Labor Day (Yes, Really)

So Thanksgiving slipped by, it's not the only holiday you can use to your advantage. In fact, maybe turning our National day of gratitude into an excuse for a marketing campaign isn't quite what you want to do, anyway.

We'll let you ponder that high-minded thought for a moment.

OK. Ready to talk about marketing promotions again? Here's our point: Promotional products should have impact. So, if the event you're attaching your campaign to is just a bit out of the ordinary, it's likely that you (and your promotion) will have that much more impact.


  • Heart-shaped logo cookies for Valentine's Day with the message, "We love our customers."
  • Hats or T-shirts for Labor Day with the message, "Working with you is a labor of love."
  • Playful New Year's promotional items such as a flying disk with the message, "Looking forward to another fun year with our customers."

Why use promotional products in the first place? You'd be surprised at how much power they hold!

Want to brainstorm about making your next marketing promotion stand out - regardless of the season? Contact us. We'll help you get the promotional item - and the timing - just right.