Product-Launch-BrainstormingThe big launch of your company’s new product is now just a couple of months away. It probably feels like your colleagues have been working on this project forever, because all you’ve been hearing are stories about all the late nights over pizza, early morning update meetings, and pressure from investors to get the product into production as soon as possible.

The good news is that it’s time for the marketing department to get involved. You’re excited to finally be a part of this critical piece of the future for your organization. The logo approval process is finally complete, and your manager has just handed you the design, a two-sentence description, and told you to “do your thing.”

custom-promotional-product-ideasSo what is “your thing”? Well, of course there will be press releases and news articles and so forth, but you’re well aware that swag is a critical promotion piece for all the trade shows, so you’d like some help in coming up with some custom promotional products. There are a lot of great options out there, so here are some ideas about how to spin the swag, both to potential customers and to company leadership:

  • Will your product help people “see the light”? Print the new product logo on a really cool flashlight key ring or have a keytag made in your custom shape, with an integrated LED light. There are a lot of great light colors available, so you can choose one which matches, or complements, the logo of your product or business. For VIPs, shell out a bit more to get the logo printed on a ten-inch Mag-Lite flashlight.
  •  Will your product save their company money? Emphasize that fact by printing your product logo on coins you can  hand out with a light-hearted comment about it still being possible to get something for nothing—or perhaps have a few just lying on the table at your booth to see who picks them up and what they say.
  • Do you want to catch the eye of every attendee at a certain trade show or event? Contact the event organizer and ask if anyone else is providing custom lanyards. If not, simply print your product’s logo and catch-phrase on lanyards and send them off to the event organizer.
  • Catch booth visitors’ attention with a bowl of free candies or chocolates, individually packaged in a wrapper bearing your new product’s logo. Or for a longer-lasting impact, give away little tins of mints with your logo on the cover. Those tins could well be re-used any number of times, each time a mint is consumed, keeping your product logo in play for weeks or months after the event.

Whatever your new offering that needs to be introduced to the market, there are many great custom promotional products available to help make a memorable impression while getting the word out. For additional suggestions and great ideas, contact us today.