"Giving away free stuff. How is that a good idea?"

For businesses in San Diego, custom promotional products can be great tools, or merely an expense. Like so many marketing campaigns, a program using a free gift or promotional product works best when you have a thoughtful plan.

Make the Most of Your Custom Promotional Products!

flashlight-promo-productsOur most successful clients see promotional products as an incentive, not a "freebie." The key to successful use of a promotional product is providing something of value and significance to the recipient. Also, tie the incentive to a particular action the customer took. For example:

  • Upgrade your account and we'll help keep you safe. Your incentive could be a flashlight highlighting "security" of the customer's purchase or that it was a "bright idea."
  • Thank you for attending our meeting - here are some of the highlights! A customized USB/Flash drive with summary notes, a presentation, and perhaps a copy of the group photo makes an ideal thank you gift, with the added benefit of being a great "excuse" for a follow-up contact.USB-promo-products
  • Allow me to introduce myself. A direct mail piece with a bit of heft is likely to get opened. If you include a magnet to "introduce yourself" to qualified prospects, you might want to include in your message that you're a professional provider who will "stick with a client" in the long haul.
  • We're sweet on our customers! Year-end appreciation gifts to the vendors and suppliers who serve you well are always a good idea. Logo'd cookies, snacks, and candy can be shared by the whole office, and they're remembered, because...well, because people like food! Also, because most people stop a moment in the process of unwrapping and indulging, it gives them a moment to reflect on their partnership with you. And here's a hint: While the calendar year-end is a popular time to share such promotional food items, savvy businesses often time the promotion to coincide with the anniversary of the first contract or project completion date, highlighting the relationship and making the food gift stand out even more.

Curb Your Enthusiasm...But Be Open to New Ideas

magnets-as-custom-promo-product-ideasPromotional products can be exciting and fun! And all too easy to give away. Unless you have an unlimited budget, we recommend not giving them to everyone you make eye contact with. Choose your promos wisely, and give them away strategically, and they will serve you well.

With that caution out of the way, we often hear from our clients before they thought they'd re-order a particular promotional item, because they want more. Usually, it's because they've discovered a new use for the item. And while sometimes it's related to the original program, just as often it's a marketing idea that occurred to a staffer after the promotional items arrived in their business.

That's why we tell our clients to plan their promotions carefully and offer client incentives wisely, but to always be open to new ideas. High-quality, good-looking and useful promotional items can be the inspiration for new marketing campaigns.

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We hope you'll contact us and let us know about your next planned program (or new idea) so we can help you make it a great success!