custom-screen-printed-shirtsOnce you have decided that your company or organization is ready for some custom-made items, it is time to determine whether you want screen printed or embroidered items. Both have the advantage of getting your name or logo more visibility. Knowing some key differences between custom screen printing and embroidery will help you determine which will best suit your needs.

Screen printed items, such as hats and shirts, have a more casual appearance. If your organization is more laid back and less corporate, this may be a good choice. Custom embroidered items have a more professional look. It looks great on polo style shirts and has more of a business feel to it. People associate embroidery with quality. That is not to say that screen printing is low-quality, it certainly is not. This is just a perception that some individuals have. Bottom line, if you are targeting a high-end clientele, embroidery might be the right choice for you.

custom-embroidered-shirtsIn regard to fine details in logos and artwork, screen printing is best able to capture intricate details. If your logo includes a lot of sharp characteristics, screen printing would be the best choice. Because embroidery uses thread, it is difficult to get the level of clarity and detail that screen printing achieves. However, if your artwork is a bit simpler, embroidery is perfect. It has the capacity to create some amazing visual effects which screen printing cannot. For example, embroidery can be thicker in certain areas, giving it a 3-D appearance.

Both screen printing and embroidery have vibrant colors available. Your color options are equal in this matter. The type of material you use is also the same. Virtually anything that can be embroidered can be screen printed as well. Some materials may look better with one or the other, but that is a matter of opinion. Some people prefer screen printing on T-shirts and embroidery on polo shirts. There is no rhyme or reason for this, it is just personal preference.

Take a look at the impression you want to give with these items. Do you want to appear casual or professional? Does your logo require a great amount of detail or is it simple? Consider the colors and materials you wish to use. Having all of this information will allow you to make the best decision for your company or organization.

In our video we talk about some other considerations to be made when designing for your company!

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