Screenprinting offers much flexibility when it comes to decorating tshirts. As long as you are ordering in bulk and your designs have only a few colors, screen printing is likely the perfect way of putting your design on a shirt. Printing doesn't cost any more whether it is a small left chest pocket-sized print, or spread full width across the front of the shirt. So take advantage of the extra imprint area that is available at no additional cost, and make your message stand out!

custom-printed-shirtsCustom printed t-shirts are always popular and some are even collectors items. Marathons, volunteer programs, schools and summer camps are just a few examples of organizations that might want to have their logo and other relative information printed on t-shirts. Depending to the situation, some of these t-shirts might actually become collectible. If you print a new tshirt every year, consider incorporating the date into the design, and have a different design each year. Your regulars will take pride in having a historical collection of souvenir tshirts.

Screen-printed t-shirts don't have to be old to be valuable, whether in actual worth or sentimental value. Who wouldn't love to have a screen printed t-shirt with all the members of their graduating class grinning out from it? These too would be of added value if they were custom signed by one's fellow classmates. And what rock music fanatic wouldn't like to get their hands on t-shirts from the original Woodstock gathering? What about Janice Joplin or Steppenwolf t-shirts signed by the artists themselves?

Does your organization have an event coming up that could benefit from customized screen printed t-shirts? Perhaps you are organizing a race to benefit breast cancer research. Maybe you are considering a free spay and neuter clinic for the pets of socio-economically disadvantaged families. Design an appropriate logo (inclusive of contact details and scheduling) and sell the t-shirts both before and during the events. You might be surprised at how much money you can generate for the cause.

Have any questions? Need help coming up with a design for your t-shirts? Contact us. We are here to meet all of your screen printing needs.