Custom Screenprinting Meets QR Codes sounds like the title of a bad science fiction movie, but it's not. It's the seed of virtually endless ideas about how printing a QR code onto various promotional items can be an effective marketing tool.


A staple of many marketing tool boxes is the promotional t-shirt. There are a variety of ways they can be used, but the QR code introduces a new variation. Regardless of what a particular shirt is promoting, a dynamic QR code could be printed on the shirt that will take people to a particular web page, YouTube video, or whatever. Initially, the QR code could be directed to something related to that particular promotion. If, and when, that promotion ends, the QR code destination could be changed to direct the visitor somewhere else like a web page related to a new promotion, or the company home page. The possibilities are endless.

QR-code-on-model-at-tradeshowTrade Show Giveaways

Companies that market at trade shows are always in need of unique giveaway items. Screenprinted promotional items that are utilitarian, and include a dynamic QR code, can benefit both the giver and recipient. And by using a dynamic QR code, the giver can change the code so it directs the visitor to any new promotional medium that's accessible via a URL. And of course you can do what the Tappinn brand did: put your QR code on a va-voomy model - preferably in a provocative location so that tradeshow attendees will be intrigued to scan!

Company Uniforms

Including a QR code on various company uniform items is a great way to get people your company contact information without having to hand them a paper business card, which will probably get lost anyway. They can just scan the QR code with their smartphone, and be taken to a digital business card that they can download into their contacts app. Or they could be taken to the company "contact us" web page, or other link. This QR code could even be directed to a feedback page where happy customers can leave written feedback as soon as the job is completed. After all, the best time to get feedback from a happy customer is as soon as the job is completed. The likelihood that they'll go to your website later to leave feedback is simply not very great.

These are just three possible uses for QR codes as marketing tools. As I said earlier, the possibilities really are endless, and they need not be limited to screenprinting. QR codes would work equally well on embroidered products.

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