animal-vets-wearing-custom-scrubsHave you got a nonprofit that’s geared toward human or animal health in some way? Do you feel like it’s all been done before, and you’re looking for that creative spark in order to increase awareness—and dollars—for your organization? Whether you’re representing the San Diego Humane Society, or seeking to promote healthy eating among children in North Park, enhance your nonprofit’s visibility and authority with custom scrubs. Here are some ways to use them:

  • non-profit-vet-wearing-custom-scrubAre you having an adopt-a-pet event? Outfit your volunteers in scrubs with your organization’s logo. When people express interest in adopting a pet, encourage them to “ask the expert” about what they need to know about their new pet’s health.

  • Are you promoting healthy eating options at local camps, or other places where our community’s children are hanging out this summer? Dress your teachers in custom scrubs with your organization’s logo, which will subtly enhance their authority. Children are more likely to pay attention because of the medical uniform.

  • If your nonprofit is working to improve the health of those who live far away, give custom scrubs to your staff and volunteers overseas. These gifts will help connect your overseas workers with their “home base” and every time they don the scrubs they will remember that they are part of a worldwide network, rather than feeling isolated in their particular impoverished or war-torn location.

  • overseas-volunteers-wearing-custom-scrubsOnce you've outfitted your overseas workers, you can then use those same scrubs as a fundraising opportunity at home. First, make sure that you get good photos of your overseas volunteers and employees, wearing those scrubs in real-world situations (such as teaching about nutrition in a remote village or working in a rural health clinic). In return for a generous gift or pledge to your organization, send your donors their own scrubs with your nonprofit's logo, so they can emulate the medical professionals they are supporting—and also spread the news of your good work in the local community.

So regardless of what type of medical work your nonprofit organization has undertaken, there’s a place for custom scrubs in your marketing campaign. Contact us today to discuss how we can help!