custom-scrubs-for-dental-officesDental offices often find they face a surprising amount of competition for patients and for qualified employees. In the past few years, we've had the pleasure of working with several dental health organizations that specialize in a variety of practices, from pediatric and family dentistry to orthodontics and oral surgery.

Each of the dental offices we worked with had similar goals. Among them, to -

  • Attract and retain the best possible staff

  • Provide a pleasant, professional, and friendly office environment

  • Keep their patients smiling!

We're Embroidery Professionals - Not Medically Trained!

We're really good at embroidery and design, and we're pros when it comes to handling needles, but we're definitely not medical professionals! That said, our dental clients have told us that the custom scrubs they ordered from us went a long way to setting the right tone in their offices, among both their patients and staff.

Here are a few custom scrub ideas gleaned from our clients that can help you brighten up your office (and maybe even turn around a few attitudes).

  • Golden Retriever vs. Dinosaur, Basketball vs Soccer: Go! In addition to staff names, customize each clinician's custom scrub top with his or her favorite animal or sport. This is sure to add a little zip to those chairside chats!

  • Theme Scene: February is National Children's Dental Health month (sorry; too late to order for this year!) and there are many other themes that can boost the mood in your office. Custom scrubs featuring Easter Eggs, Christmas Trees (if not ugly sweaters...) and US Flags are common requests, and we're told having a little variety in the closet makes getting dressed for work more fun.

  • promotional-products-and-custom-scrubs

    Go Over the Top! In addition to scrubs, some medical offices order custom embroidered hats for their staffs to don on special occasions. One of the dentist's birthdays, for example, or to highlight a local charity. If your office has a unique message to send, call us to find out how you can give your staff a little professional pizzazz.

Beyond Uniforms and Scrubs

We know a lot of dental offices sponsor sports teams, dance studios, and other organizations. If you're looking for unique promotional products or some practical swag for a recognition program, consider checking out all that we offer.

From lip balm and hand sanitizers to bandanas and water bottles, we can help you get your message out to everyone in your practice and your community. Contact us to explore the possibilities!