art-print-on-custom-shirtIf you are an artist of any kind, you know more than anyone how hard it is to get your name out into the ether and truly build a fan base.  Getting your name out through Twitter, Facebook and other social media is a good start but will only go so far. By making your very own custom shirts you will not only have an organic way of marketing your art, but you could create another source of income for it as well.

Custom Shirts for Promotion

While promoting paintings, photography, sculpture, a band, improv group or any other artistic endeavor through social media can definitely be effective, it isn't everything.  By making merchandise, most popularly t-shirts, for your fans to own and wear, you are creating a form of promotion that connects you with your fans in a unique and personal way. People wearing your artwork or images around town show other people that you are worth the money they paid for the shirt. Plus t-shirts can be a conversation piece that gets people interested and talking about their experience with your art.

Custom Shirts for Income

In addition to serving as a means of advertising, custom shirts also have the potential to become a money maker. This is great for anyone who spends a great deal of time working on their craft and wants to see a little money in their pocket. Even a little bit of cash is enough to show that you're on the right track.

custom-shirt-digital-printGetting to the point where t-shirts become a source of revenue rather than a cost of advertising can be tricky. Designs with lots of color in them can be very expensive to screen print onto tshirts, unless you order in large batches. It's easy to spend over $500 on a screen printing job. We understand it's tough to plunk down a chunk of change on an order of shirts you don't know if you can sell.

Fortunately, there is a way to test market your designs. Digital printing makes it possible to print a handful of shirts at a time in full color. The unit costs of digitally printed shirts are higher, but you can invest less money overall and get a handful of shirts with several different designs that you can show around to see what people are interested in buying. If your fan base is tight with a buck, you might not be able to turn a profit selling digitally printed shirts, so depending on the economics of your situation, digitally printed shirts might not ultimately be what you want to sell. But theycustom-shirt-artwork still serve as advertising, you can probably recover your cost, and best of all, you can use your digitally printed prototypes to figure out which of your designs is in greatest demand as a fan tshirt. That means that when you are ready to invest in having shirts screenprinted, you are much more likely to be able to actually sell the shirts, and generate income from them, rather than having to give them away (or use them to polish your car.) 

Whether you are a band, stand up comic or just someone who makes art and wants to promote it, doing so through custom shirts is a great idea.  It is more personal than promoting through the internet and may even put a few extra dollars in your pocket.  If you are interested in having custom shirts made, or finding out more about prototyping shirts using digital printing, please contact us.