Organizing a race is a great way to raise money and awareness for your charity. Non-profit organizations often put together racing events and use the profits from the registration fees to fund the work that their non-profit does in service to the community for the rest of the year. Adventure style races are growing in popularity all over the country, but standard road races still draw crowds as well.

custom-printed-t-shirtsIf you, your company, or your non-profit group are organizing a race, keep in mind that custom t-shirt printing is an important part of your race planning. Registrants don't expect a lot out of a race day. They mostly expect that you provide a safe course for them to run, a registration number, and that you track their time for them. In addition to these basic requirements, most races give each registered runner a t-shirt to commemorate the race. The shirts usually list the name of the race as well as the date and may feature the names and logos of any race sponsors. The race sponsors can help fund the purchase of the t-shirts.

custom-printed-t-shirtsSome racers get really excited about collecting race t-shirts and are more likely to sign up for your race if the t-shirt features a unique design every year. If you're not sure what to put on the t-shirt, consider holding a t-shirt design contest to stir up your community and create a little excitement about the coming race. If you are expecting a relatively small number of registrants (say less than 100), take a look at our postings on how to keep custom t-shirts affordable, since things like the number of colors in your design, the number of locations printed, and even the color of your shirt affect printing costs. Also give thought to whether you want to provide a performance (100% polyester moisture wicking) or standard (cotton) t-shirt. There are also some new cotton/poly blends in moisture wicking knits that provide more of a cotton feel, while retaining moisture wicking capabilities.

Check out our video for tips on keeping your t-shirt designs affordable!

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