What do you wear at weight loss camp? If you run a fitness camp, chances are many of your guests spend much of their stay wearing t-shirts, so how about getting custom t-shirt printing to help make their experience more special while you promote your resort? Here are some of the advantages of getting your own custom t-shirts along with creative ways to use them.

Build Team Spirit: One reason that weight loss camps are so popular is that they offer social support. Wearing the same clothing is one simple way to send the message that everyone is on the same team so your guests can start getting to know each other, and find ways to help everyone to reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

custom tshirts for your weight loss camp

Fight Stigma: It's no secret that being overweight or obese sometimes exposes people to discrimination or other negative treatment. The stigma of needing to lose weight can actually become a barrier to taking pounds off. Your custom printed t-shirts could help to change people's thinking so they can become proud of making the decision to do something to improve their lives and their health. Maybe you'll want to print funny or inspiring fitness slogans on your shirt, along with your name and logo.

Be Practical: On top of everything else, providing t-shirts to your guests just makes sense. They're going to want something comfortable to wear for their workout sessions and maybe for sleeping. Plus, if their days are packed with planned activities from breakfast to bedtime, they're not going to have much time to spend thinking about what to wear.

Encourage Follow Up: Fortunately, many of today's best health spas are far more focused on encouraging long-term lifestyle changes instead of aiming for rapid weight loss that may not be sustainable. When your guests return home with their t-shirts, they'll have a tangible reminder of all their hard work and valuable accomplishments. That simple memento may help them to maintain their motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. If they choose to stay friends with the other guests they met during their camp days, they can even wear their shirts when they get together for formal or informal reunions.

How can you present and use your t-shirts? Maybe you'll want to give each a guest a welcome packet when they check in that includes their shirt and any additional gifts, along with all the materials and supplies they'll need for their stay. If you're offering a more luxurious package you might even provide a full wardrobe. Consider filling a basket in their bedroom each evening with everything they'll need in the morning including their t-shirt and other workout wear for the day, the daily schedule and menu, and any educational handouts.

In addition, those t-shirts are perfect for photo opportunities when you're taking pictures for your website or your guests want a shot of themselves and their new workout buddies to post on their Facebook page or Instagram. You could also decorate your lobby with group photos of each graduating class so each batch of new arrivals will see that they can do it too.

While losing pounds and wearing smaller-sized clothing is not the only way to measure your fitness, it can be one of the most noticeable pleasures of losing weight. You might want to let your guests know that you're happy to accept their original t-shirt back if they need to trade it in for something smaller when they leave.

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