custom-t-shirts-that-raise-awarenessFundraisers are important to any non-profit organization, but the scale of fundraising can vary based on how much you actually need to raise. For example, if you need to raise tens of thousands, you may need to organize a gala event. However if your goals are a bit more modest, you may find that selling custom t-shirts will help raise awareness for your cause while at the same time providing for some modest fundraising. T-shirts also serve as tangible thank you gifts and can be used as an identifier of your volunteers, so really you can tell that we think non-profits and t-shirts are a great match!

We know that for a non-profit organization, it's important to stretch your dollars as far as they will go. (And every small business owner has that same issue!) We're happy to advise on how to create t-shirts in the most economical way possible. Generally speaking, the more colors in your artwork, the more expensive your shirts will be. However, if you are planning to print several hundred shirts at a time, economies of scale kick in, and the impact of numerous colors will be less dramatic. If you are considering a smaller batch of t-shirts to start with, check on the price of production before you lock in approval of your design. Otherwise you may find yourself committed to a t-shirt design that is so expensive to produce that you can't sell it for enough to make any money. In that case you may be successful in getting people to wear your fab-looking t-shirts, (which serves the goal of raising awareness) but if the production cost is too high, it won't help much with your fundraising goals.

non-profit-custom-t-shirtsIn addition to choosing artwork carefully, it's also important to pick a nice shirt - one that people will love to wear. Investing a little more in the shirt (and a little less in the art) can make the difference between a shirt that stays in the drawer, and one that is everyone's new go-to favorite, and easier to sell at a higher price. If you can't imagine why it's worth investing a little more to get a nicer t-shirt, stop by our showroom and touch and feel the difference between light, soft fabrics compared to the old standards. Not all t-shirts are created equal!

When it comes to pricing custom t-shirts for fundraising purposes, there is generally a tradeoff to be made between the cost of the printing and the cost of the shirt. If you get the 'deluxe' version of both, the cost of your shirt may be too high to sell successfully. A simple tone-on-tone print on a fashion-forward style may get you more exposure and could even come in at a better price point than more elaborate art on a cheaper shirt. Stop by and visit our showroom and have a chat. We'll be happy to discuss with you what the options are for using custom t-shirts successfully as part of your non-profit marketing plan. As you work your way through this process, it's helpful to know your options, and what the implications of your decisions are.

For more about custom t-shirts for your organization, watch our video on keeping designs affordable!

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