kids-signing-t-shirts-at-fundraiserCustom t shirts are great for fundraising, and hand signing them makes them even more effective. These are 4 ways your nonprofit can personalize your items to help thank your donors and volunteers. You can even motivate them to give more.

All you need is a permanent marker to put a unique message on each shirt. Print the front with the relevant image and slogan of your choice and leave the back blank. Think of it like a greeting card with a longer life and extra visibility.

There are many people who can sign your shirts. If the participants in your event bond with each other, that's a natural opportunity to have them sign each other's shirts. (Hint: works with kids too!)

Here are four more ideas for who to have sign your t-shirts:

Beneficiaries: Donors like to be thanked directly by the people they’ve helped. It creates tangible proof of how their support made a difference. All the students in the senior class or the children at a youth center could write their first names on the back of the shirt. Give them different colored markers to make it more fun. If you work with animals, use a stamp pad to capture their paw prints. You’ll have to fill in their names for them.

Senior Executives: Many donors will appreciate a brief personal message from the leader of the organization. Say something like, “Dear Mary and Jack, We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Staff Members: At smaller nonprofits, you could ask the entire staff to pitch in. Larger charities might want to enlist the relevant department.

celebrity-signed-t-shirtCelebrities: Many nonprofits have celebrity supporters who are willing to provide assistance but need something that will fit into their busy schedules. Consider asking them to write a quick note on a shirt for a major donor. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will strengthen your relationship with them.

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