employees-wearing-custom-work-shirtsCustom work shirts can help create a team player philosophy in a small business that can potentially work on more than one level. While company shirts help bring a sense of group identity and pride to employees, wearing those custom work shirts out and about is also like putting little billboards on feet and rolling them through the community. As mobile marketing becomes more of a popular trend, marketing on foot (and on your employee's backs) is still very effective.

Work shirts can be created in a variety of styles to suit your type of work. Whether of the industrial style that say mechanics and plumbers wear, to t-shirts, to polo shirts, to button down dress shirts favored by bankers, there is sure to be a type of shirt that "works" for you. 

For best results, choose shirts that are flattering and comfortable, so that your employees won't be motivated to change out of them at the first possible moment. Give some thought to their decoration. Embellishment that is eye-catching but embarrassing (think Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick) won't be worn outside the workplace if it can possibly be avoided. But provide your employees with a cool and catchy tshirt and you might just get them promoting on weekends and even after they've left your employ. 

custom-work-shirtsDecorate Both The Front And Back Of Custom Work Shirts

Make sure your shirts have identifiable info when viewed from all angles. When employees wait in line while out on the town, people behind them will the reading the back of their work shirt. Make sure you have a prominent logo and pleasing color scheme there to capture their attention!  Make your logo and tagline easily readable but don't get too hung up on including your phone number or website. These days all you need is for people to remember your name and what you do. Your contact info can be easily found courtesy of Google. Really -- when's the last time you saw somebody writing down the phone number from a t-shirt?

Watch the video bellow for tips on how to decorate your custom work shirts:

Need more help getting started? Contact us and we'll show you examples of what might look the best in the way of your business logo, and types of shirts. We'll help you build business pride and "sneak" in some advertising along the way.