Vacation Bible School is a great activity that many churches throughout the San Diego area. You want your VBS to stand out and be one that has the kids coming back for more. Incorporating promotional clothing and other items into your VBS theme can be that extra special something that says WOW. Here are some ideas that can help get your started planning now for summer Vacation Bible School fun.

Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are inexpensive and fantastic for all ages. You can customize them with your VBS theme. Most VBS publications have clipart and logos you can purchase and then use on things like t-shirts and we can do that. There are many ways to use promotional t-shirts in your VBS. Each class can have their own color t-shirt. If you divide up into teams your team colors would be a great place to start. You may be on a limited budget and unable to provide shirts for each child consider having them made for the leaders.

Customized products for VBS

Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered shirts, such as polo shirts, are very professional looking. Everyone will know who the staff and teachers are during VBS with customized shirts. The pastor needs one of course. Providing the teachers with personalized shirts will make them feel special and provide a sense of unity.

Customized Hats

Hats can be just plain fun and everyone likes them. They can be used in so many ways during VBS. Personalized embroidered hats can be used in place of t-shirts to mark teams, classes or other groups. Leaders can have one type of customized hats and kids another. Hats can be used to pin awards on as well. Let the kids work towards earning a hat embroidered with their name. It makes for one awesome prize. You can use hats to identify staff too. We can put names, position, or logos on a hat. Whatever is needed to meet your Vacation Bible School needs.

Customized Fun

Whatever your VBS theme - from space to the jungle - having customized items on hand to enhance the theme is always fun. Coordinating pencils with your church's name or the VBS theme printed on them is one idea. Kids love this type of thing. Plastic cups with your information are a great way to add to your VBS and have your church's name in the home long after VBS is over.

Custom printed bags are a great way to keep kids organized during the week. They can use them to carry their Bible, activity sheets and whatever they make back and forth. No loose papers lying around the church. Have bigger bags custom printed with the theme name and the teacher's name and help them to stay organized as well.

Awards & Prizes

Last but not least any of these items would make great prizes. Roll up t-shirts and put a rubber band around them and toss them into the crowd. Fill a cup with candy or other small goodies and hand out with participation certificates on the last day. Pass out pencils one day for attending or bringing a friend. Offer a customized, personalized shirt as a prize for the boy and girl with the most points as an award. Small things like pencils, bookmarks, and rubber balls make great game prizes as well. Oh, while we are thinking about it customized bandanas are great for keeping teams on track!

Start Your VBS With A Bang!

No matter what your Vacation Bible School theme or your church's size promotional clothing and customized products can add spark and delight. We will be happy to meet with you and determine your needs and help work within your budget. Give us a call today. Stand out this year with a bang amongst all the VBS activities taking place in San Diego.