Padre-wearing-embroidered-capImagine the Padres on the baseball diamond without their caps. It's unthinkable, right?

The modern baseball cap arrived in the 1940's with the invention of latex, and soon became a favorite with fans. There's something about a cap that's fun and relaxed.

Custom embroidered caps, hats and other headwear make a uniform complete. And they're super practical. They keep the sun off the head and out of the eyes (Catching a fly ball on a sunny day with no cap--recipe for disaster.) And for men without much hair on top, headwear prevents sunburn.

father-and-son-with-custom-capsCaps, and other headwear that display a custom logo are an appealing way for people to show their loyalty for their alma mater, favorite sports team, or organization.

When it comes to selling branded items, caps and hats have certain advantages. For one thing, a single size fits many heads. If someone wants to pick up an inexpensive, but desirable, gift, a hat is perfect. For people who collect caps, there's no such thing as too many!

man-wearing-embroidered-capsThe same is true for marketing giveaways. Caps and hats with the company logo are a classic, and there's no need to stock a large number of sizes. 

Whether you are looking for personalized baseball caps or custom embroidered beanies, we have it. We do custom hat embroidery on just about any style of head wear. Contact us to discuss your needs.