students-wearing-embroidered-uniformsHas your neighborhood school—public or private—talked about having school uniforms? Maybe they actually do have a dress code or uniform of some sort. Or maybe you work in a school and you sense that the students would be more of a “student body” if they wore the same clothing…. We’ve heard a lot of the arguments over the years and we do think the idea has merit (and not just because we sell custom embroidered shirts that would work perfectly as school uniforms!). In fact, here are a number of reasons why experts say school uniforms are a good idea:

  1. Gangs have a type of uniform—even if it’s something that no teacher would ever wear. It’s harder for gangs to make an impression and recruit if they can’t wear their uniform and have to wear the school’s uniform instead.teachers-wearing-custom-embroidered-shirts
  2. Some say uniforms encourage discipline; certainly the military operates under this assumption.
  3. Uniforms mean that there’s no need for a complicated or controversial dress code to handle short shorts, tank tops and other distracting types of clothing.
  4. It’s a huge help for students who don’t have a lot of money at home to keep up with all the clothing trends. Those students will feel more like they fit in, and all students will more easily resist all that peer pressure to wear the “right” trendy clothes.
  5. Especially if the teachers and staff also wear the uniforms, anyone on a school campus who’s not in uniform will easily stand out. This makes it easy to identify and challenge intruders and troublemakers.embroidered-shirts-and-uniforms
  6. Uniforms increase a sense of belonging and support school pride.
If you work at a school that’s talking about using school uniforms for any of these reasons, contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help. Or if your children belong to a school that’s talking about it, have them give us a call.