One of the clearest ways an organization can convey prestige is through the appearance of its members. The more finely dressed the employees are in an establishment, the more up-scale it must be. This simple psychological equation is important to consider when deciding on your company uniform. While wearing a distinctive color and bearing a logo makes your team members more easy to identify, you also want their appearance to convey an air of cool expertise.

embroidered-dress-shirt-as-company-uniformProfessionals Wear Dress Shirts

This is also a strong association in the modern mind. When we see someone in a well-cut dress shirt, we immediately assume they must have some authority and power. When all of your employees are dressed elegantly, you are sending a message that every member of your team is a respected professional and your clients will appreciate being served by a valued employee. Dress shirts even look great in unusually bright colors like orange or green, turning your company style into a bold fashion statement.

The Subtle Logo

By placing an embroidered rendition of your logo on the breast, collar or cuff of each dress shirt, you are politely inviting clients to associate your brand with elegance and professionalism. When you represent your company with well-dressed, well-spoken associates, you may be surprised by the increase of both new clients and prospective employees who want to take part in your quality brand.

Whether you're a new company designing the first uniforms or are seeking a new look for your team, logo embroidered dress shirts may be just what you're looking for. Want to talk logos and shirts? That's what we do best! Contact us with your questions, ideas, and orders.