embroidered-hat-for-business-promotionEmbroidered hats are very fashionable and in-style nowadays. They are used by many people to show support for others or express their opinions. Although they might not be the first thing that comes to your head when you think of ways to show pride in your business, that doesn't make them any less effective at making an impression on others.

They're functional. Not only are embroidered hats an easy way to show pride in your business; they're useful as well. Sometimes business owners tend to forget the effectiveness of choosing a practical method of showing pride in their company. While there are businesses that operate mostly indoors, there are also businesses with workers that work outdoors. Having them wear hats with your business logo or name embroidered on them will not only help them keep the sun out of their eyes, but it will also allow you to do some "free" advertising.

man-with-embroidered-hat-proud-of-his-businessThey're personal and authentic. Hats have always had a sentimental value attached to them, especially embroidered ones. There are many historical reasons for this that date several decades back into history. Going back to the present... The embroidery process itself requires more effort than printing. Even though machines can do the embroidering in the place of real humans, the extra effort is still there. The embroidered hats themselves and the amount of effort that goes into making them will show that your business is something that you genuinely care about on a deeper level than moneymaking. 

proud-kids-wearing-embroidered-hatsLastly, your business' name or logo will remain imprinted on them forever. Unlike printed material, embroidery doesn't come off without a good amount of effort. Just like how your name's business is imprinted on the hat, your pride in your business will be imprinted in the minds (and possibly even in the hearts) of others. It may sound "cheesy," but it's true.


Here's a video with more information on ordering embroidered hats from EmbroidMe San Diego:

So the next time you consider ways of showing pride in your business, definitely consider embroidered hats as one of your options. Make sure to try out many different things: be unconventional! Business becomes more fun and exciting when you try out new things. Contact us to get a quote.