If you are investigating all of your promotional marketing possibilities, you are no doubt considering embroidered hats as one of your top options. That's because baseball caps are the most popular wearable in the promotional market today, with a record of unprecedented success that dates back to the early 1900's. It's kind of hard to beat that.

Ball Caps Rule the World

Baseball players didn't start off wearing the ubiquitous caps we all know and love today. They grabbed whatever hat they'd normally wear to protect themselves from the sun. It was a practicality. In 1934, New Era (based in New York) created its first baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians. Twenty years later they created the cap known as the 59fifty, the cap we know today. It wasn't long until the hats became a symbol as American as apple pie.

While created in New York, we San Diegans like to think we've kind of perfected them when we adopted them as a fashion accessory. Fast forward a century and the embroidered ball cap has moved from the diamond to become the de facto staple of daily headwear and a powerhouse promotional item.

custom embroidery hats on adults

The Effects of Embroidered Hats in Promotions

In a study measuring the success of price versus non-price promotions in promoting baseball game attendance published in The Sports Journal, researchers found that promotional items like embroidered hats significantly increased attendance by over 14% over ticket price deductions, even when tickets were reduced to just $1!

Built-in Popularity Means Success

Favored for its flexibility and affordability, custom embroidered hats cross just about every fashion price point and style, comfortably fitting in with high-end and fashion-forward brands as easily as lower-priced brands. Today, the field staple has been reinvented into a fashion staple that embraces both meaning and message. Here are some compelling facts found by the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study that highlights the popularity of promotional hats.

  • 16% of US consumers own a promotional hat.
  • Their popularity spans all ages
  • All demographic groups are likely to wear them
  • Hats are popular with all income groups
  • Those earning between $50k and $100k own the most hats

The Perfect Billboard

The 2016 GASI study further determined that in the US, a custom embroidered hat will generate over 3,136 unique impressions over a 7 month period of time. That's more than a t-shirt. It is even more than jackets, or writing instruments. And that's great ROI. In an article by Christopher Ruvo, ESPN.com columnist Paul Lukas equates the embroidered hat with a portable mini-billboard saying "it's functional, inexpensive and can broadcast whatever you want," from brand names to personal identity. In the age of "personal media" and brand ambassadors, the value is not just in seeing an ad. Unlike TV or radio commercials, an embroidered hat has significantly more impact because it impacts those in the personal circles of the wearers, those who are most likely to have similar jobs, interests, lifestyles, and income brackets.

How Can You Use Them To Promote Your Business?

It's not just the weather that is hot in Southern California. So is the business landscape. That's why staying on top of your business promotions is so important and so valuable. Your potential customers have choices and it is up to you to stay at the forefront of their minds. Here are just a few of the endless ways you can use embroidered hats to promote your San Diego business.

  • Direct response promotions to get the customer to take action
  • Use as a "thank you" to existing customers
  • Given away as an additional gift to new customers
  • Promote a new product or service
  • Promote a new name
  • Create brand awareness
  • Given away to target groups to gain visibility
  • Create a collectible series to gain regular customers
  • Use as an upsell incentive
  • And more

If you have questions about growing your business or gaining visibility with promotion products, contact us today. EmbroidMe is not just a local business, we are a local business resource who knows and understand your needs.