Whether you are serving food from a small food truck, a casual store front, or a sit-down restaurant, your passion for food is matched by your desire that your customers are able to really enjoy their meal. You know that satisfied customers become return customers who tell their friends and families how much they enjoyed your food.

embroidered-hat-for-your-food-service-companyOne way you can make sure that your customers can focus on the food they are eating is to make sure all of your employees have a crisp, clean appearance by wearing embroidered hats. When diners eat food prepared by someone else, they don't want to be worried about hygiene and sanitation. You can make sure that cleanliness concerns are the last thing on their mind when they order food by having your employees wear a uniform with a hat.

Food service regulations require hair to be restrained for all people in a food preparation area. However, it is up to you how you enforce this. You could have your employees wear hair nets, but that will really give off the impression of a cafeteria which may not be the vibe you're going for. You could ask employees to pull long hair into a ponytail, but what about employees with short hair?

Embroidered hats, custom-made for your food service company, cover and restrain hair while giving a polished look to your employees. When customers glimpse your food prep workers and interact with your servers, they will see your logo on hats that look clean and professional, making them feel good about eating your food.

To find out more about ordering your embroidered hats, watch the video below!

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