Anyone who has ever been in the military can tell you just how many friends and memories are made during that time. After all, shared experiences in intense situations lead to deep connections. Because those brave souls who fight for our country do develop such close connections during the time they serve, reunions are a popular past time among retirees young and old. These events can be a simple lunch with local military buddies, but more often than not, they are extravagant events with attendees from all over the country, with food and entertainment to boot.

embroidered-military-hatsReunions are incredible events that help retired military members -whether Navy, Marine, or one of the other services - rekindle old friendships as well as make new ones. Everyone leaves a military reunion with a smile on their face and more wonderful memories to add to their collection.

If you are organizing a military reunion in the near future, it is important to give your guests this opportunity to commemorate their service, and the reunion itself, with appropriate swag. Custom embroidered hats, embroidered patches, stickers, tshirts, lighters and all kinds of drinkware are some of the most popular items -- and we do them all. But the #1 item we get asked for by both active and retired military? Custom embroidered hats for sure!

We offer a wide variety of hat styles and colors to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your group. Fitted hats of the FlexFit type are usually preferred by our military customers, and are typically embroidered in multiple locations - front, back, and sides. We gladly add ship names, numbers, dates, flags and any kind of emblems, as well as a portrayal of your ship onto the hats. We can also put 'scrambled eggs' on the brim if that's what you need! This all ensures that your hats are unique to your group and your event, making them even more special.

If you are ready to order custom embroidered hats for your upcoming event, please contact us today!