Perhaps not surprisingly, embroidered logo shirts are one of our most popular products here at EmbroidMe San Diego. We sell hundreds of different shirts suitable for use as corporate apparel or business uniforming, and (if we do say so ourselves), we can make your logo look pretty darn great with custom embroidery. We love embroidered shirts for lots of reasons. But why would a company or organization choose to promote themselves in this manner?  As Shakespeare would say, “let me count the ways…”

Here are a few benefits of using embroidered logo shirts:

Stand out from the competition by promoting your brand. An embroidered logo shirt might not help you get the sale, but it will make your brand more memorable to the customer. Which will a customer remember more: the nameless, logo-less employee who helped them, or Joe, the employee with your sharp-looking logo and his name emblazoned all over his shirt?  

embroidered logo shirtsBuild a sense of community by giving embroidered logo shirts to your employees. Sporting a common “team” appearance eliminates issues associated with how employees dress (or don’t dress) for work, places more emphasis on performance rather than appearance, and generally helps make for happier, more productive employees.

Convey a sense of professionalism to customers that you just can't get from wearing a silk screened shirt. Beyond the basic benefits of uniforming for a common appearance, embroidery in particular has a high perceived value. An embroidered shirt sends the message that your company values premium quality and appreciates attention to detail.

Enjoy flexibility in the sizing and placement of your logo. Embroidered logos can be produced in all sizes and shapes to optimally communicate your brand. Logos can be placed in a variety of locations, including chest, pocket, sleeve, cuff, hem, or collar depending on image you want to create. Corporate apparel lines have shirts in myriad colors, styles, and sizes, from extra small all the way up to 6XL, so any size or type of company (or employee!) can be accommodated.

embroidered logo shirtsAs you can see, embroidered logo shirts are a convenient promotional option with plenty of benefits for any business or organization. 

If you would like a personal consultation regarding your embroidered logo shirt needs, please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego or visit our showroom on Balboa Avenue. We’d love to hear from you.