For many businesses, custom embroidered polo shirts are purchased as an end-of-year tax deduction. But what are you using them for? Do you assume they're only used as part of a work uniform? This doesn't have to be the case. Polo shirts embroidered with the company logo have a number of uses for any business.

embroidered-polo-shirtsLet your employees show off their workplace with pride. Your people don't have to wear the shirts every day, but when they do dress in the shirts you provided, it sends the message that your employees are part of your team.

Make it easy for your employees to show their professional affiliation. Do you frequently send your employees off-site to work with clients? If so, putting them in embroidered polo shirts can be a great way to display the fact that they work for you. This will also decrease the likelihood that they'll be mistaken for your clients' employees when they're on the job.

Create unity for events and conferences. Are you attending an event or conference with several members of your team? If you want to create a unified appearance and make it easy to pick each other out of the crowd without going the matching t-shirt route, embroidered polo shirts are the way to go. This is particularly useful if you're going to be manning a booth or exhibit: it will be easy to pick you out of the group of people examining your materials without sacrificing that professional appearance.

Show your appreciation for your employees. Many businesses have gone the t-shirt route as an employee appreciation gift, but those same businesses may maintain a dress code that doesn't allow their employees to wear those shirts at work! Instead, offer your employees a professional shirt that will look great whether they wear it to work or when they're off the clock.

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