Anyone who has ever ordered a pizza knows how important it is that a food delivery person looks presentable. Unfortunately, because delivery jobs are often held by young people with very little in the way of business-casual clothing, a well-dressed food delivery person can be hard to come by.

embroidered-polo-shirtIf you are a restaurant owner, you may be looking for ways to sort out this problem. After all, every business owner wants their business to look professional. However, requiring delivery people to provide their own work clothes when a special dress code is enforced could quickly lead to a lack of delivery staff.
For this reason, more and more restaurants are choosing to provide their delivery people with custom embroidered polo shirts. Because polos are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, they do not hinder an employee's ability to do their job. However, they still give your staff that professional look you have been searching for.

Additionally, the fact that the polos are customized through the use of embroidery means your customers can feel confident during their interactions with your staff. There will be no question of who the delivery person is or if they actually do work for your restaurant. This protects both your customer and your business.

If you feel that customized polos may be the answer to your delivery staff clothing woes, we encourage you to contact us right away. The friendly staff here at EmbroidMe San Diego is happy to help you find the perfect custom uniform for your staff so you can feel confident in the presentation of your business in your community.