embroidered-shirt-optionsSo you’re thinking about getting embroidered shirts for your office staff. However, there are sooo many different types of shirts you can get. Should you go with dress shirts, polo shirts or t-shirts? And what color do you get? What type of embroidery would people like? After all, you don’t want to give out shirts that nobody’s going to wear. You want your staff to be proud of displaying their company logo. If you’re wondering how to go about making these choices, read on for a few tips.

Dress Shirts

If your company has a business casual dress code, then dress shirts are probably a good idea for your staff. They can be easily combined with conservative skirts or formal trousers.  They can also be worn under jackets. They look smart and are flattering on most people. Men are generally content to wear any classically styled dress shirt, although some will have a concern about the type of collar: spread collar or button down. It's possible to offer both options, or simplify your life and choose one style for a more uniform look. Happily, the days when women had to wear men's dress shirts are long gone. Many corporate apparel lines now come with coordinating men's and women's styles of dress shirts. Dark colors are slimming and tend to look good on everyone. They’re also better at hiding spills and workday grime, and will also contrast nicely with your logo if your logo is done light colors. If your standard logo colors are dark, you can either reverse the colors of the logo (usually to one solid light color) so that it stands out on a dark shirt, or, choose a dress shirt in a lighter color to provide a contrast with your standard colors. If this seems a little confusing, just contact us -- we're happy to walk you through the options.

embroidered-polo-shirtPolo Shirts

If your company has a more casual style of dress, then embroidered polo shirts may be the right choice. They’re not completely dressy but they’re not completely casual either. More comfortable than a dress shirt, and more dressy than a t-shirt, a polo shirt says, "I'm here for business, and ready to get to work!" With polo shirts, your employees can be presentable as well as comfortable at the same time. Polo shirts are quite versatile because they can be worn with with dress slacks as well as pants or jeans. And compared to dress shirts, which are most often available primarily in classic neutral colors such as white, black, and blue, polo shirts come in a veritable rainbow of different hues. Polo shirts are also available in a broader range of materials than dress shirts -- everything from soft, comfy cotton to breezy, moisture-wicking polyester performance fabrics.


T-shirts are the most casual type of shirts you can get for your staff. If you have a completely casual dress code, then they’re probably a great idea. Also, if you’re working with people who move around a lot, then it’s important for them to be comfortable. T-shirts are also a good bet for people who's work is of the type where clothing gets damaged or destroyed. In such cases, a t-shirt would probably be the right choice. Keep in mind, though, that t-shirts are casual, and look best with jeans and shorts. It’s hard to combine them with dressier pants or skirts. If you’re ok with your staff showing up in jeans, then, by all means, go with t-shirts. Like polo shirts, these also tend to look good in a variety of colors, so you can have your pick. Embroidery on t-shirts definitely produces a nicer appearance than screen printing, and it can even be the most economical decorating method if you have a colorful logo and need to order in small quantities of 2-3 dozen or less.

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