man-wearing-embroidered-shirtNot surprisingly, embroidered logo shirts are one of our most popular items at EmbroidMe San Diego. We love embroidered shirts for lots of reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Conveys a sense of professionalism - Beyond the basic benefits of uniforming for a common appearance, embroidery in particular has a high perceived value. An embroidered shirt sends the message that your company values premium quality and appreciates attention to detail.
  2. It lasts longer – Embroidered logos more durable than printed ones. This is a particularly important factor for items that need to hold up through daily use, or will be industrial laundered. 

  3. Can be more economical – Embroidery will generally be the most economical solution when you only need a few garments (less than say 3-4 dozen), when your logo has numerous colors in it, and when you are content with a small (pocket sized) reproduction of your logo. While initial set-up charges may be higher than printing, embroidery set-up is a one time charge and can save money over time.

For more on where to start when ordering embroidered shirts, watch this video:

If you would like a personal consultation regarding your logo shirt needs, please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego or visit our showroom on Balboa Avenue. We’d love to hear from you.