Sometimes, people hesitate to give their employees embroidered shirts because they’re afraid that people will think of it as a uniform and will be unwilling to wear it. After all, most companies prefer not to embroider different apparel for each person, so everyone will be wearing the same thing in different sizes.


The Importance of Embroidered Shirts as Tokens of Appreciation

It’s true that people don’t always react well to the idea of wearing a uniform but they usually do feel very proud when they can show others where they work by pointing to an embroidered logo on their clothing, whether that's on a polo shirt, t-shirt, hat, or jacket.  Plus, don't you feel nice when you’re given a gift, even if that gift comes from a company and not an individual?

In fact, if you want to improve the productivity of your employees, it’s a good idea to give them little tokens of your appreciation every now and then. A huge bonus at the end of the year will never be turned down, but it can become an expectation, which creates another set of problems. A few smaller gifts spread throughout the year can be just as effective a way to show your people that you’re thinking about them and that their happiness is important to you.

Putting Some Thought into the Happiness of Your Employees 

Embroidered clothing effectively shows employees that you care, not just because it comes as a gift but also because a certain amount of thought goes into it. You have to decide upon the color of the clothing, whether you want it to be an embroidered button down shirt, a t-shirt, a hat, a bag or some other innovative piece such as socks, and you also have to get it made in different sizes. All this shows that you’ve put a certain amount of thought into making your employees happy. And when employees see that you are interested in their happiness, the principle of reciprocity kicks in and they find it easier to throw themselves 100% into their work.


Giving Each Person the Opportunity to Express Himself/Herself

The other benefit of wearing embroidered shirts, that you might not have thought of, is that each person gets to wear it in their own way. For example, maybe you present your employees with dark blue shirts with the name of your company embroidered in white. One person might combine this with black pants while another might pair it with khaki. One person might think it looks good with a flared skirt while another might opt for a tight-fitting skirt. Even though each person might be wearing the same thing, they get to show everyone else the unique way in which they do it.

Sometimes, people start to think of themselves as just another cog in the company machine.  However, embroidered shirts as tokens of appreciation, allows them to express their personality can help them to see that they are valued. Contact us for more information about embroidered clothing to increase employee motivation.