embroidery-shops-stay-busyEmbroidery is an ancient art that began sometime between the 5th Century BC and the 3rd Century BC. Although it has become industrialized, it is one of the few skills that did not evolve with time, and and continues to reflect excellent skill today as it did thousands of years ago. We've blogged previously on the history of embroidery and embroidery shops -- for more, see our inaugural post on this very topic!

The technology used to create embroidery has indeed improved dramatically through the years. Now, instead of an individual working their whole life to master specific stitches, commercial embroidery is all done with machines that can do incredible things with amazing speed. Embroidery shops routinely stitch multiple garments at a time at speeds of 750 stitches per minute. Sometimes people imagine that we have a room full of grandmothers stitching madly away by hand, but that's really not the case. Mechanization of embroidery shops is no longer big news but it is the "secret" that allows us to maintain high standards and relatively quick turn around on intricate embroidery, but without the long hours associated with the art centuries ago. This reduction in labor costs puts custom embroidery within the reach of large and small businesses as well as most of the general population. It also makes it possible for San Diego companies to order custom embroidery in large quantities without overwhelming local embroidery shops such as yours truly.

Embroidery shops here in San Diego are thriving, with plenty of work for schools corporations and small businesses. Customers return to us here at EmbroidMe San Diego year after year to place repeat orders and request new products because the results are consistently great looking, durable, of excellent quality, and always a welcome gift. 

If you would like to have custom embroidery work done in the San Diego area, please contact us. We take great pride in doing our part to continue a long tradition of fine embroidery.