If you're trying to boost employee engagement, meaningful activities and appreciative gestures often have more impact than pay increases. Here's how an employee volunteer program involving custom t-shirts can help.

custom-volunteer-shirtsBenefits of Having an Employee Volunteer Program: One effective way to engage employees is to integrate them into your corporate giving with volunteer opportunities, especially when they have a voice in picking which charities to support. While the most obvious examples of this practice may be construction and technology companies pitching in after natural disasters, there are many everyday situations where you can bring employees together to promote worthy causes, and help them feel good about where they work. In fact, the values statements that many companies adopt can backfire if they seem like empty rhetoric. Community service puts your principles into action, and may help you attract and retain top performers.

How to Use Your Custom T Shirts: Providing company t shirts to wear during volunteer projects helps to encourage teamwork. People feel united, and the change of clothes shifts their mindset from the office to the wider world. As an added advantage, it also provides positive visibility for your company, and makes it easy to capture compelling images for your website, social media and other channels.

Other Suggestions: If you’re trying to get your employee volunteer program off the ground, there are some steps that will make it easier. If possible, schedule projects during office hours or give your employees paid time off to participate. If you have limited resources for coordinating such activities, stick to simple events. Plan half day outings to local charities that excel at putting volunteers to work like food pantries and public libraries.

Give back to your community and increase employee engagement with a strong employee volunteer program. For t shirts and other custom products that you can use as incentives, contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego. Our product experts will help you find the best options to fulfill your needs.